Last week in San Francisco, Anna Rascouët-Paz gave a fantastic talk at CreativeMornings about the importance of gathering the dots, not merely connecting them. If you’re a designer or in any field where creativite fuel is essential, it’s 100% worth your time to check it out. Our pal Caleb Sexton is not only the nicest person ever, but he’s done an unbelievable job at recording and editing her talk all together for the masses.

Our speaker at the *seventh* San Francisco CreativeMornings was Anna Rascouët-Paz, a journalist and former segment producer and financial reporter at Bloomberg News in Europe, where she navigated global currency markets and covered international political and economic events such as the World Economic Forum and the G8.

The San Francisco chapter of CreativeMornings is run by Erika Hall of Mule Design. See who’s upcoming and watch recorded talks over on

(Photo by Paula Chang. Check out the whole set on Flickr—not only is Anna pretty hot, so is the entire audience.)

  1. mathcat345 said: Her brain makes her even more beautiful, if that makes any sense at all. I am so impressed and bow before her intelligence. Plus, we know she loves lingerie! Jason has hit the trifecta! He probably never stops smiling!
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